Sommerville follows the NZ curriculum for all students up to 16 years of age.

Our teachers and specialist teams ensure that each student will access programmes at their level and across curricula subjects using the latest resources and pedagogies to promote learning.

There is an emphasis on the curriculum Key Competencies of ‘Thinking’, ‘Relating to Others, Understanding Language’, ‘Symbols and text’, ‘Managing Self’ and ‘Participating and Contributing’.

At Sommerville we focus on helping students to become as independent as possible, being able to communicate, advocate and manage themselves to their best abilities.

For our older students, our programmes begin to focus more on these independent skills. Students will begin to look at life skills, work skills, independent leisure, living and community skills. We provide a wealth of learning opportunities across our entire school and make sure learning is motivating and fun!

We report each student’s learning progress through online digital portfolios using Seesaw, which allows families and whanau access to regular, rich and exciting information and the ability to comment and interact with the teachers throughout the year.