Our brand is much more than the school’s logo, our quality programs and our cutting edge techniques.

Sommerville is a way of life. It’s more than a job. Tasks are undertaken for the good of the whole, out of a sense of passion, commitment and responsibility. It is the result of many different factors coming from many facets of this incredible school.

People with enormously varied capabilities, talents, and needs, work together, day after day.

It is fair to describe Sommerville as ‘More Than A School’.

Sommerville is also a school that sets out to make a difference to the learning, wellbeing and future life chances of children and young adults with additional needs. Specialist Teachers, Therapists and Special Support assistants work together in trans-disciplinary teams to meet the individual needs of every pupil.

Together, we believe we can unlock each child’s potential and support achievement for all. Our aim is to create completeness for children and young adults with developmental disabilities through education, leading edge therapy and community engagement experience’s, so that they may more easily develop their potential, be better understood and meaningfully participate in life.

Like all of our students, Sommerville is also unique; delivering an incredibly dynamic learning environment for diverse learners.

We pride ourselves in being a ‘specialist’ school, providing a nurturing, supportive and low stress environment to help our students learn to manage their behaviours and make  social and academic progress.

We aim to support our students by unlocking their own potential to achieve key goals during their time here:

  • To be themselves, aspire and be successful
  • To become curious learners, empowered and confident.
  • To develop strategies and coping mechanisms to move towards a level of self-actualisation in order to advance in the neurotypical world.